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Salvete, qui legentes — The stereotype of the Muslim Terrorist is omnipresent, and, of course, all the more so now after the November attacks in Paris.  But I myself would like to know more about the people who de facto share … Continue reading

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Felix est quem ….

Participating in our present age’s revival of Stoicism, I have often had occasion to ask myself: How in the world can I, arguably an abject slave of pleasure and indolence, a rattle-headed, timid, and puerile old do-nothing, how can I … Continue reading

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Religions and Gods are like technology – in themselves they don’t matter, but how we use them DOES matter.  Sadly, human nature makes a weapon of EVERYTHING.  Al-Qaeda?  God = Murder; and the Prophet is hailed as Murderer-in-Chief.  (sigh)

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"The Muse: Love Profaned…" [Very good blog-entry by Mike Hoffman, March 28, 2013]

Mike Hoffman, March 28, 2013: The Muse: Love Profaned…:   There are dangers inherent in living in the Technosphere.  Right now, the Technosphere involves three things: people (you), Money and Machin…

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