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Contrary Old Nature Consuming Me

Salvete, quicumque legātis – The one thing we know the Universe likes is friction. Collisions, mutations, heat, stress, movement of life, consumption of life by life – it seems to me the broad essential link is movement and conflict, whether … Continue reading

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The 300’s Prayer

A good bit: one particular rendering of the famous Spartan epitaph from Thermopylae: Go, way-farer, bear news to Sparta’s town That here, their bidding done, we laid us down. –rendered by Cyril E. Robinson

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Couple of Quotes….

A couple of quotes from browsing today:  This quote is one that we should all bear in mind – especially ‘believers’ who have not yet gone hardcore; this is what we’ve seen throughout history, and we’re still seeing in bloody political theatre with ISIS/ISIL … Continue reading

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