A Forgotten Little Treasure….

Looking for something else among my files today, I came across this title:  “IOHANNENSIA HYPOMNEMATA”.  (Hypomnemata is the plural of a Greek word meaning variously a reminder, a commentary, an anecdotal record, and so on.)  I could not recall creating the file, and upon checking I find it to be a collection of my own observations from some years back.  I’m going to post a few, but you’ll notice that they’re all concerned with MY issues, inferiority-complex-type stuff, and certainly not with issues that All-Americans and Hot Shots deal with.

(Also, not unnaturally, it’s all couched in a generic masculine, pronoun-wise.)

A crisis can be valuable for rendering you empty: your despair can allow you to ‘Not Feel’, to sever the link between your habitual ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In this way, disillusionment can be a chance to plant your feet on firmer ground, on truer ground.

The weak man, the fool – what is the nature of the problem for him? The problem is a lack of a sober view, or a lack of ways to cope.

… But be clear: It is not your job to “not be you”.

Remember that there are pointless pleasures in life we should pass up and effortlessly avoid; so also, many pointless distresses.

And the fussy, fearful, paralyzed man must learn, above all, that there is no ‘solution’ to the vicissitudes, no end to adversity, no one ‘key’. He cannot wait for the ‘right moment’ or he will wait forever. He must learn that the particulars, ultimately, are Indifferentia, do not matter, that we are all dead men and women, simply abiding our dissolutions. There is no rescue. Given this, we may as well use what we have for good in place of bad.

A brave coward is better than a cowardly one.

These may be of help to someone struggling with perpetual dismay and suicidal thoughts.

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