Iohannian Blogs

Salvete, qui legunt – 

At present I find myself with three blogs, in effect – this one on Blogger here,;   my WordPress one  (a left-over from Microsoft’s personal pages days);   and now a shared one, the Redwood Stoa site at, where I can post as “the Redwood Stoa” along with my co-Stoics.  I’m wondering if I can link all three?  I usually find the software side of all this, even just the user interface side, somewhat baffling; my expectations as to interface and utility are often frustrated.  So I’ll have to poke around a bit.  The alternative is to dump one of the two personal blogs.  

When next I post, I want to look at my son’s personal Desu ex Machina,  “The Four Agreements” of Don Miguel Ruiz, a self-help book with a lot of Stoic parallels.  

Vale valeteque.

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