"Not Wanted" Ads (an old rant from 2009 or 2010)

(An old rant, from ca. 2009 or 2010)

Want ads are a funny business. They reflect the dog-eat-dog nature of economic life: those hiring always want better and still better employees, and the rest of the applicants can take a hike. But as I’ve survey the last 40 years of changes in the pink-collar world that I’m familiar with, it becomes obvious that employment itself is becoming passé – while a few hard-core staff people will be needed in companies, other staff jobs – secretaries, mailroom staff, file clerks, messengers, receptionists – are first of all targets for lay-offs and attrition, and beyond that these positions themselves seem to be disappearing.

In the old days, weren’t lay-offs more or less seasonal? Demand might drop, people were let go – but when Demand was up, they or others were hired back. Not so much these days. 
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