A Place in the World….

Since I have never found any positive place in the world, except in my simple prolix role as progenitor & dad (les enfants sont facile a faire, plus difficile de proteger, enseigner, sopporter), I still wonder, at age 56 & facing faiblesse & the downward spiral to death, where I might have made a difference (that is, a positive one) and how I might have gained the ability to do so.

What does the world need that a petty, timid, conflicted creature like myself could supply? Instead of waiting for the answer – the wrong approach, to wait for an answer – I have to waive the question and proceed. Part of the answer must be my family.

But another part could be the Stoic College. Even my pathetic hash of a brain and my too-soft little slip of a soul might help in the transmission of the Stoic wisdom (as opposed to obsessive duality and polar extremism) to people. And that would be a positive thing on this divided, bloody-minded, madness-driven Earth.

Hmmm. Question answered?

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