Desire, Virtue, Reason

The active, ambitious man will not find Stoicism reasonable; neither the piscine voluptuary. But another, locked out of either of these currents, will be refreshed by it.
Dorothy Sayers, commenting on Dante, pointed out that Socrates, Seneca, Epictetus and all the rest were placed in their dreary station in Hell for a fault of Hope, not of Virtue. They had inklings of the Christian God, but evaluated the world and did not seek out a divine Happy Ending. They were too Natural in an Earthly way. The Mormons say, as I understand, that “The natural man is the enemy of God.”
Does one choose a story from a book, or the observable chaos we live in? Christianity is at its strongest where it jibes with reality, I think. Stoicism is at its strongest there, too.

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