Petty Resentments and YouTube

 Tumult!  A valley-girl goes through mild culture-shock, rants on YouTube about the terrible traits of this particular group of “other people”, and the video goes viral.  The public hates her!  Death threats included free!

(news report on Ms. Wallace)

We all do this – the more intelligent of us do it less, but still – we ALL do this: we get annoyed by other people’s habits & proclivities.  I can complain about every group of people that I can identify, my own family included.  People do seem to just THRIVE on invidious judgments!

Culture conflicts and personal conflicts and triviality conflicts are endemic to the human condition.  A few may constitute substantial problems between people; but most of them are insignificant or illusionary. We all need to get past them.  These are appearances, people – not substance.  Our egos are just bubbles, after all. 

And we all (myself included) need to stop blaming everyone else for being human.  We are all uncomfortable or angry or self-justifying here on earth. If we actively look for annoyances and perceived unfairness, we will only too easily find them, hitch them up to our egos, and get our vendettas going.  There are always plenty of adversities – real & substantial ones, or false & perceptual ones; but there’s no shortage, they are all ready to hand.

(I recommend the New Stoa, personally.)

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