“Boy”by Roald Dahl

Salvete –
I’m reading Roald Dahl’s memoir of childhood, “Boy”, and it’s kept my attention best lately. It’s quite short, and quite good (mea opinione). It’s especially good because he repeatedly points out the hard and the experiential differences between his ‘now’ (1984) and his ‘then’ (1930s). By God, a rough road, that, even (to whatever degree) for the rich; check out the trials of boys attending an English boarding school of that time, when the oppression was real and not just a teenaged reaction or a festering in the ego. Sheesh, what an environment.
And those of you who’ve wondered where Charlie & the Chocolate Factory came from can see a lot of it right here.
Also, he has an interesting take on the life of a businessman vs. that of a writer at the end of the book; quite succinct.

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