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“Boy”by Roald Dahl

Salvete – I’m reading Roald Dahl’s memoir of childhood, “Boy”, and it’s kept my attention best lately. It’s quite short, and quite good (mea opinione). It’s especially good because he repeatedly points out the hard and the experiential differences between … Continue reading

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I notice that tomorrow will be QUIRINALIA, thanks to the FASTI Yahoo group and calendar (, which gives one Roman calendar dates and directives for the next day. Not only had I forgotten that QUIRINALIA comes in February, and that … Continue reading

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The ‘animafact’ (a coining of mine) would be the report received by the cognitive faculty, which follows the phantasia, the ‘impressions’ or sense-information received, but which precedes the cognition (the assented-to perception or katalepsis). Another word for it would be … Continue reading

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