Salvete, qui legunt. 
Bonum ex Afghanistano nos ut trahamus esset consilium.  Ita it guerillanum bellum – "populus" Afghanistani nobis semper pars Inimicorum manet – hoc modo homines quos salvare vellimus Inimicorum et copia et sicut clientes sint .  Hoc est genus atque genius talium guerillanorum bellorum. 
Hoc Legite:
Afghan Firms Said to Pay off Taliban with Foreign Cash
By Hamid Shalizi
KABUL | Wed Oct 13, 2010 11:39am EDT / Reuters
 … Mohammad Ehsan [Aghani contractor] said he was forced to pay insurgents a substantial part of a $1.2 million contract he won from the U.S. military two months ago to repair a road in Logar province south of Kabul, after they kidnapped his brother and demanded the cash.
"You know we need this American money to help us fund our Jihad," Ehsan quoted them saying when he eventually spent over $200,000 of the project money to secure his brother’s freedom.
Ehsan said the insurgents also demanded the cash be changed out of dollars into Afghan or Pakistani currency, saying greenbacks are "Haram" or forbidden for Muslims.
Paying off militants is common across Afghanistan, where it is hard to work in villages or remote areas without greasing the palms of local insurgent commanders, said Ehsan.
Quo modo tali statu umquam Talibanos vincere possumus?  
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