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Pluralism? Centrism?

There have been a few attempts to form American “Moderate Parties” here and there – but in general, Americans – since each one of us is so much smarter than the next guy – rely on our own Either/Or extremist … Continue reading

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Brainless Banks at It Again

Even after the bad-mortgage-fueled financial collapse of 2008, after all the political and media wrangling over ‘who’s to blame?’, even after that, the banks and their financially-predatory cousins are STILL on the make, STILL sending out ads for credit cards … Continue reading

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Hello world! seu, “Salve, Orbis Terrarum!”

Transitio to WordPress successful, it would seem.

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Salvete, qui legunt.    Bonum ex Afghanistano nos ut trahamus esset consilium.  Ita it guerillanum bellum – "populus" Afghanistani nobis semper pars Inimicorum manet – hoc modo homines quos salvare vellimus Inimicorum et copia et sicut clientes sint .  Hoc … Continue reading

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Taste One

I had a discussion with my son last night about various topics, but it touched heavily on the notion of taste in matters of art, whether vulgar or refined. Being my son, he’s had exposure to a lot of pop … Continue reading

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