Right-Wing Crazy is … well … still Crazy.

Remember Newt Gingrich?

I just read that recently, probably because he’s angry that certain other Sons of Satan – like Karl Rove and Terry Jones – have been getting all the air time rooting for the American Right, this father of the anti-American Religious Right has finally gone completely off his rocker, wholeheartedly endorsing a racist fantasy proposed by neo-con activist Dinesh D’Souza. (An article critical of these Morlocks, by columnist Maureen Dowd, can be accessed by this link, here.) In an article in Forbes magazine, D’Souza says that President Obama is somehow possessed by the malign and depraved spirit of his father.

D’Souza, in this article, claims to “explain” – get ready for it – “Obama’s rage”.

(Long pause to digest the nonsequitur.)

Now, if there was ever a President lacking in rage, it’s President Obama. But once again, the Right – presumably fueled by looking at their own enraged faces in the mirror – has chosen to go beyond criticism into pure non-reality. Always playing hardball, never content with reality, and having forgotten what decency even meant, they twist and impute and invent and re-write all media content into whatever will mask the humanity of others and portray themselves as saviors. And if you mention Joseph Goebbels, they will probably get angry at the comparison.

It’s amazingly sad that both the Left (hey guys, tax and spend IS a real problem; yes, it was Liberals and Lefties who spied for Stalin and gave him the Bomb – admit it!) and the Right (who chant, “Kill the dark people – it’s what Jesus (… that damned Jew!) wants!”) – that these Americans can’t put aside their FANTASY WORLDS for a while and talk turkey. The always-angry and well-organized Right has what the sloppy and irresponsible Liberals need – good dollar-sense and active participation. The Liberals have what the Right lacks – human decency. The Left also retains some knowledge of what and who America is – a nation of immigrants, not a nation of ‘saints’. The Right, sputtering with rage since time immemorial, has even managed to work the Democratic Left up into outrage of its own; alas, the Left, hampered by lingering notions of fair-play and even compromise, cannot out-propagandize their opponents.

What does the Right want? They have most all the money; they have had a very long run of wild Cowboy Diplomacy and unilateral wars. Why are they infuriated that there are people out there who are not Newt Rockney? That there are fellow people who might actually possess more feelings than just Contempt? They have gone beyond opposing the Left; they have identified Liberals as a separate, sub-human species that must be exterminated. If there are any people in the USA – aside from the Trotskyists and other such nuts – who resemble the Nazis and the Stalinists in their manner and their foreign policy ideas, it is plainly the Right. For them, anyone who would want to make life better for others MUST be a sort of evil genius, a Macchiavellian Deceiver, like themselves – only worse! So much worse!

And the Left – oh, boy. They won’t come clean at all – and since they are now the ‘bad guys’, I’m sure they don’t dare. Yet that is what they need to do. It’s time for the Left to give up their self-indulgent ‘something for nothing’ social programs. (And the Right has to give up its wars; they are too expensive, in so many ways.) The Left can’t get it through their thick skulls that imitating the Right won’t resurrect FDR – that, in fact, FDR is himself seen as a kind of devil by more and more propagandized Americans. Yes, wholesale illegal immigration does undermine the state; yes, there are way too many laws; yes, you can’t legislate morality; no, life is not a big party; no, the 60s were not a simply wonderful flowering of freedom – yes, the 60s were a period of social disintegration that led – ultimately – to Ronald Reagan and decades of Republican contempt for humanity. Americans, routinely derided for many years by insulting counter-culturists, more and more pinched by economic decline, and maddened by the slaughter at the Twin Towers, have decided that Liberty means kill or be killed. You can’t wish that away.

Yet every day that the Right and Left refuse to come out of their fantasy worlds of propaganda, every day they refuse to give an inch, every day they screw their hatreds up to the utmost, that day is another nail in America’s coffin. So –

Stop blaming each other; stop the name-calling; renounce your extremists, renounce your conventional wisdoms; re-learn toleration; remember you’re ALL Americans, whether you like it or not; and start identifying what the real, hard and important problems are for the USA. That’s a tall order for people who find ego, insanity and hatred more to their tastes….

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