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Religio vs. Belief-io

From over here in the no-Brain’s-land of low-brow philosophizing, a notion suggeseted by an author named James Carres: Can one analyze the troublesome notion of “religion” into two poles: Religion (worship, cult, rites, tradition) versus Belief (participation in a contra-rational … Continue reading

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On Men, Women, and Generalities

A comment by a woman on FaceBook prompted a reply that turned into this little exposition: The differences between men and women are insignificant compared to the power of the Force. Ooops. I mean, compared to the differences between TYPES … Continue reading

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Eheu, vos, manes Normalium – si quacumque copia hanc in blogam adventus est!  Pauci sunt qui meas barbaritates legere volunt.  Nullam blogam menses aliquos hoc in situ scripsi.  Nil ab Mense Martis!  Eheu; quid novi? Quamquam ego vilis scholar sum, … Continue reading

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