Phew – Vacation?!? Phew….

Even vacations seem to get harder every year. The pattern is either (a) just as I approach the vacation dates, I get ill and spend the vacation under the weather; or (b) a pattern of euphoria, dismay at spousal and offsprings’ demands, the personal Block that works to keep me inert, frustration boils, rage bubbles – though seen to be irrational and counter-productive, a calming down, acceptance, a few tasks done, some time wasted utterly, some time spent pleasantly. After that, it’s back to work and I’m all charged up and feeling energetic – bleh – for about four hours, and then the normal inhibitions or distractions get to work on me…..
When I was young and my testosterone was up, I was tied in knots; now that some of these are untangled, I’m slower and less moved to … move. Deng ni-gaw fai!

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