Trolls…. There’s a yahoo group I follow (haven’t ever enough time to really READ what they post, for the people there are largely thinkers & their posts detailed) that was overwhelmed with teabagger-istics recently (on one hand) and hyperactive sniping Christianity on the other.

How did the religion of the Prince of Peace become the province of these bullies and blowhards? Oh, well, that aside….

The ‘bagger kept lambasting the President and so on – but the group’s forum was supposedly about philosophy and although there’s no reason that Reason can’t be applied to current quandaries, when it becomes a political forum the passions infect it & it ceases to be a thoughtful place. The troll in question rightly cited Musonius Rufus (as I recall), saying that one SHOULD be roughed up & dismayed at one’s self in an actual philosophical venue, but his high-testosterone bully-boy Right-Wing snapping and sniping also killed the flow of ideas and info about the topic. It became a brawl-venue for the trolls and the rest of us were shoved to one side.

What would Epictetus have said?

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