Salvete, quicumque has legat –
I just read off the headlines on my company’s internal webpage – they have  tickertape-banner that reports (a) the world news, and (b) their own "motivational" propaganda.  But when have I seen a greater collection of bad news?  Richter 8.8 quake in Chile kills hundreds and hundreds; Haiti still burying its dead after its devastating quake and sequent ills; Chinese general urging (with either-or logic) that if China does not become THE world military power in this next century, it will become a backwater; manic Iran announcing that it will be testing cruise missiles; even in France, 50 people dead from ill weather!
Ai-yah.  Again, what should one do in the face of would-be-bully nations and natural disasters piling up endlessly?  A world at whose root is not God, but violence, human and natural? 
I’m afraid God only knows.  Vale.
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