Salvete, legentes –
Article in Newsweek by Fareed Zakaria on President Obama trying to restructure American foreign policy to free us from the failed legacy of ex-president George W. Bush and the neo-Cons.  It is titled, "The Post-Imperial Presidency".  While I think Mr. Zakaria may be a little too optimistic about the future, he still strikes some important points in considering President Obama’s speech on Aghanistan.  Mr. Zakaria writes: 
It is now clear that Obama is attempting something quite ambitious – to reorient American foreign policy toward something less extrafagant and adversarial.  … narrowing the war on terror; scaling back the conflict with the Islamic world to those groups and countries that pose serious, direct threats to America; and reaching out to the rest.
Essentially, that President Obama is seeking to make American foreign policy workable again.  In trying to trim and balance American foreign involvements, Mr. Zakaria notes that 
Obama is searching for a post-imperial policy in the midst of an imperial crisis.
The President’s ultimate seems to be to practice an American foreign policy that is active but free of imperial adventures, viz Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Bush-era crusades are to be phased out in favor of a policy of co-existence and very selective military options that allows America to do what she does best – be free.  Mr. Zakaria cites Franklin Roosevelt and Dean Acheson as

staying focused on the large objetives of peace and stability, by maintaining our vision of an open, free world, [so that we can] help sustain positive trends in the world that are broad and deep and lasting.

In my opinion, that’s the way to do it.  The Bush-era crusades, aside from playing into the hands of terrorists by plunging other nations into monstrous civil wars, promoting wholesale slaughter of the innocent, and cementing the image of America as the "Great Satan", must be laid aside – but there’s no reason for America to just lay down and die.  There are positive aspirations in the world that are "broad and deep and lasting", and those should be our focus when looking abroad. 

Heaven knows what the future will bring!  Valete.



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