Salvete, quicumque sint legentes –
Since it will never be clear or comfortable – life, my emotions, people, miseries – I’ll just press on and try to avoid the worst blows, assuming it still preferable to live than to make use of the door that stands ajar.
Christmas time is here, as the chorus once sang to Charlie Brown.  Bu it recedes from me a little each year.  My kids are grown and our money is fore-spent (in some large part by an ambitious and surreptitious relative), so Christmas this year is local, little, and tree-less.  I do have candles out, though.  (But, damn! No one else cares about candle-light!) 
I posted a status-blurb on Facebook, a propos of a remark by Bob Coomber about things material and spiritual in Christmas:
John Knighton, after reading Bob Coomber’s post, is moved to another tired and dry exposition, this time about celebrating Christmas: The material parts of Christmas – Friends, Family, Food, & a Few Gifts to season the season – are pertinent. But while they’re material to the argument of Christmas, the argument’s object is im-material, to wit, Peace & Life.

Friends are few; family not many; food will be a little special, which is nice; gifts may even be enough.  As to Peace and Life — I will seek both in the year to come, and urge my kids to do the same. 

And now, back to work.  Valete.


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