Salve, Viator
Ita nos omnes, hoc in mundo.  Thus, all of us, in this world.  But, in the little corner where I live, things are well.  I’ve just finished a week of ‘vacation’ which should have been ‘holiday’ but wasn’t; it was, importantly however, a break from the norm. 
I’m at work, about to depart for home, an hour late since I can be free here and post and so on on the Internet, but I wanted to drop in a little bloggy before I go – especially after reviewing my angry and despairing North Korea rant from the prior blog.  Occasionally, things get my goat. 
But this blog is to remind myself (since nobody reads these things?) that if it is a terrible world in many ways, and its gifts reserved for others, still — I have things to be thankful for.  If I stop to think about it, the list is endless.  Its value?  To help me go on living, as I ought. 
Some of the items:
Spouse:  Marian; still with me after 24 years; & whom I still enjoy when she’s not in despair.  She’s doing pretty well these days. 
Children:  Alex the eldest; Sheridan the middling; Beenie, the hard-pressed teen.  I doff my cap in salute, kids; you guys have all done well.  Alex – in his last months of his bachelor’s degree.  Sheridan – beginning his and actually enjoying (from the way he talks).  Beenie – you’re coming along fine, even if it feels like too rocky a road you’re on; you’re a good kid – it’s just that there are all these contrary things to learn – school, self, work, others. 
And I have some friends still – a bit different group from my years before.  Thank you, folks, for putting up with my varying stages of mental near-sightedness and so on.  I send you my wan smile – if you need something a little stronger, join me for a chat. 
And so on.  I’m thankful my mother’s health is good (tough old farm-girl that she is).  That our house is in one piece – and still ours.  That my brother-in-law is a bright guy, and his terribly bright and hard-working kids will come into my flea-torium once in a while, gay and jocund and ready to help their cousins.  And that now that our old puppy Einstein is gone, we’ve received another couple of sprightly canines to take his place, one big, one slight, and this even as the eldest dog, Lady, shows her age.  And I’m thankful for my job AND for Kaiser Permanente. 
Sol Invictus, Holy Trinity, Logos – Master Identity of the Multiverse, I can’t leave without a word for you, too. 
Viatores, bene valete.  Eallan – waes thu hael. 
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