Quibus legentibus, Salvete –
How strange life is.  And the Nightmare Politic. 
North Korea – that odd and defiant super-organism, mountainous imbecile police-state, is now a Nuclear Power. 
"Those little bastards," I have always found myself saying as I’ve watched them lie and cheat and dodge and — strangely — win against the rest of the world. Albania and Burma should do so well!
And now this nation of blind ants has the nuclear bomb!  It’s an evil world we live in and – once again – the bad guys are busier than the rest of us.  And patriots, globe-wide, of whatever minor nations, will be anxious to follow suit.  "If North Korea can do it – if Iran can do it – if Israel can do it – why can’t we?" they will complain.  "Doesn’t every little state and dictatorship deserve a nuclear deterrent?"  Soon enough, every organisation in the world will have the nuclear bomb…. 
Again, Life has no order, except its innate compulsion to move.  Oblivious of Man, Nature’s lead is followed by Man itself, and on we stumble into history: death-squads here, over-population there; money, more money, bust and boom; harvest and drought; madness and violence and the domination by the strong (the only historic legacy). 
Blah, blah, blah.  This is a rant, my negative bile about North Korea, that shining shadow in the international madhouse. 
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