Decima Blogula

Salvete, legentes —
Since I now have a page at Roman Space (, possum illo loco Latinum scribere.  Ita est spes.  Scio habiliores Lingua Latina meas litteras male aegreque iudicabant, verum quid possum?  Melius semper est facere quam celare. 
But don’t most people (of the few who arrive at this god-forsaken — yet not God-forsaken! — site) judge that I’m plainly hiding by "encrypting" my pedestrian and pointless blogs in the Latin tongue?  That may be so, and yet — no, not really.  As an oaf and a fool — for such I’ve been during my not entirely unhappy life — I have hidden and cringed and reacted and tried and failed and then failed to try again; I’ve been handicapped.  Yet the subject of languages, probably as a compensation for my personal and social difficulties, is one I still regard as pertinent, engaging, and mine.  Language is the system I like the most  — it’s certainly endlessly complex, but it has rewards both personal, impersonal and interpersonal.  In other words, F— the world of performance and competition.  To paraphrase the old culture’s Saviour, I shall render the Republicans that which is theirs, yet give God, through me (shoddy little divine experiment that I am), that which is His, that is, obedience to my better parts, which are precisely those that persevere and those that do NOT hide.  Thus exposing myself for ridicule about my shoddy Latin. 
In any event, in accord with this, I am reversing policy.  Here and on Roman Space or wherever, I will blog in whichever tongue is convenient for me.  God willing that will some day be in Japanese as well as in bad schoolboy Latin. 
Valete, Diaboli Transmarini!   2008-03-06.
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